The collective Techno&Philosophy encourages emerging and established artists working in different fields and media to answer a challenging question: is there such a thing as Techno Art? The aim of the exhibition is to promote the political, artistic and philosophical understanding of techno music and art through the following themes:

_The urban dimension of Electronic Dance Music Culture

_Techno and gender

_Clubbing and gentrification

_The relationship between body, space and machines

While acknowledging the efforts done by artists and cultural activists at the dawn of Techno culture, this project encourages a forward-looking perspective rather than a nostalgic one. New ways of coming together are always in the making. In this perspective and in an effort to create a continuum between past, present and future, the selected artists were showcased in November 2016 alongside seminal artworks by pioneers of Techno aesthetics.

The opening saw an open discussion about clubbing, nightlife and gentrification with Alessio Kolioulis (Techno&Philosophy), Charlotte Sykes (SIREN) and Hillegonda Rietveld (London South Bank University). The discussion was followed by a performance by the duo House of Health on an experimental set from Paris-based sonic artist Fatäk.