Collaborations 2018


Techno&philosophy X MACAO

In collaboration with Tavolo Suono e lab transfemminista Macao we organised a weekender of art, music and politics at MACAO Milan under the name:

Rebel Machines / Subversive Bodies
Unlearning automated behaviours

⌠ Sabato - Saturday 28 ⌡
"Rebel Machines / Subversive Bodies" Talk/Collective Discussion with
Marco Donnarumma (Berlin University of the Arts)
Andrea Giomi (MACAO)
Alessio Kolioulis (Paris 8, Roma La Sapienza)
SIREN Collective (London)
Jaime del Val (Metabody, Reverso)

22:00/22:30 HANGAR
Marco Donnarumma : “Corpus Nil” (Italian Premiere)
performance musicale with AI

23:00/23:45 HALL
Jaime del Val : “Metatopia” (Italian Premiere)
Audiovisual performance and installation

SIREN Dj+vj set
DJs : Sybil / JAY / Moonbow
VJ : Fran

⌠ Domenica - Sunday 29 ⌡
16:00/22:00 Workshop
Microsexes workshop w/ Jaime del Val

Prostheses and biotechnological interfaces are rapidly increasing our ability to interact with artificial and immersive environments.

In this techno-sphere, however, affective and relational activities seem to be reduced to informational patterns. The expressive capacities of human beings tend to an homogenization induced by information and control technologies such as Big Data and Machine Learning. These attempts to standardize forms of interaction aim at the transformation of agency into models of predictable and computable behaviors. By promoting the myth of technological transparency, new forms of cognitive capitalism generate an informational bubble aimed at controlling bodies and the trajectories of de-sire.

We therefore ask: How can technologies become a creative pattern within the heterotopia of the bod-ies? To what extent can technological environments become the object of subversion? How can indeterminacy and non-predictability be used to re-territorialize our physical and desiring identities?

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