Collaborations 2018-2019



In collaboration with Tavolo Suono e lab transfemminista Macao

⌠ Sabato - Saturday 28 ⌡
"Rebel Machines / Subversive Bodies" Talk/Collective Discussion with
Marco Donnarumma (Berlin University of the Arts)
Andrea Giomi (MACAO)
Alessio Kolioulis (Paris 8, Roma La Sapienza)
SIREN Collective (London)
Jaime del Val (Metabody, Reverso)

22:00/22:30 HANGAR
Marco Donnarumma : “Corpus Nil” (Italian Premiere)
performance musicale with AI

23:00/23:45 HALL
Jaime del Val : “Metatopia” (Italian Premiere)
Audiovisual performance and installation

SIREN Dj+vj set
DJs : Sybil / JAY / Moonbow
VJ : Fran

⌠ Domenica - Sunday 29 ⌡
16:00/22:00 Workshop
Microsexes workshop w/ Jaime del Val

Prostheses and biotechnological interfaces are rapidly increasing our ability to interact with artificial and immersive environments.

In this techno-sphere, however, affective and relational activities seem to be reduced to informational patterns. The expressive capacities of human beings tend to an homogenization induced by information and control technologies such as Big Data and Machine Learning. These attempts to standardize forms of interaction aim at the transformation of agency into models of predictable and computable behaviors. By promoting the myth of technological transparency, new forms of cognitive capitalism generate an informational bubble aimed at controlling bodies and the trajectories of de-sire.

We therefore ask: How can technologies become a creative pattern within the heterotopia of the bod-ies? To what extent can technological environments become the object of subversion? How can indeterminacy and non-predictability be used to re-territorialize our physical and desiring identities?


Nuovo centro per le arti, la cultura e la ricerca di Milano.
Viale Molise 68

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 15.33.15.png

Emotional Porn – Exhibition of the self

How much of what we share about ourselves is real?

Work by performer / Choreographer Keren Rosenberg, Visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias and Filmmaker Nicola Cavalazzi in co-production with Dansmakers Amsterdam, Beamlab and Frisian Dance Days.

Emotional Porn- Exhibition of the Self is a boundless universe of dance and audiovisual art installation which explores our social obsession in self exposure through the use of modern technologies. In this performance the boundaries between dance, video art, design and sound dissolve into an immersive space which welcomes people to connect to themselves through the reflection of the other.


In the current reality we all share, the use of image and positioning is in the forefront of social discussions. Our existential experience is in constant shift between virtual and physical worlds. We produce never ending images about our lives, experiences, bodies, while in constant quest to create the perfect image to be seen by real and imagined audiences.

The performance is an engaging experience where on stage, a physical and virtual interface is created live between the human body, image and performance. Tony and Nicola create shifting virtual universes while Keren brings them to life with her presence, physicality and performance. Inviting audiences to question their on their own perception of identity, as the work touches realms of intimacy, vulnerabilities, fear and confrontation. 

In addition, a workshop and a public digital archive is part of the project alongside its immersive and interdisciplinary performance. 


Throughout their two-year process, Keren and Tony worked with a number of people of 

Various age groups and communities on themes of the project. The result can be seen as a preliminary study, while its valuable findings is embedded as a source of deeper understanding within their performance. The online archive consists of images and personal notes that offers a personal insight into their creation process.


Concept Keren Rosenberg & Tony Markus Sacharias,  Performer/ Choreographer Keren Rosenberg,  Designer/visual artist Tony Markus Sacharias, Creative & technical collaborator Nicola Cavalazzi, Coaching Suzy Blok,  Publicity Mitchell-lee van Rooij/Dansmakers Amsterdam, Production Evelien van de Sanden/Dansmakers Amsterdam,  Technical support & advice Jason Malone/Beamlab,  Dramaturgy Jesús de Vega 

Producer: The House of Victorious Humans,  Executive producer Dansmakers Amsterdam Co- producer Beamlab, Frisian Dance Days as a part of European Cultural Capital of Europe 2018 Partners: Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, CBK Amsterdam This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) 

The performance premiered at Amsterdam Dansmakers Podium as a part of the 2018 Amsterdam Fringe Festival, September 6-16th followed by performances in Amsterdam Dance Event at CBK Amsterdam and Friese Dansdagen as a part of Leeuwarden Europe Cultural Capital 2018 programming.